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Finding Hogwarts on DVD and Blu-ray has been released in ALL world ‘regions’ (NTSC) and contains the following bonus features:

Deleted scenes

Extra footage from the trip to find Hogwarts as well as additional footage we’ve shot at Potter related events over the years.

Cast Commentary

Watch the film and listen along with Bre, John, Frankie and Rita for a commentary track filled with laughs and reminiscing.

“How Has Harry Potter Impacted YOUR Life?

We asked for your video responses on Youtube for this topic, and we received over 100 of them! We edited them all into a 17 minute feature, included exclusively on this DVD/Blu-ray.


We promised to include this! We shot over 40 hours of footage on our trip to Find Hogwarts, and plenty of it was just off topic enough and overall ridiculous to assemble into blooper reel.