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I am completly lost for words. It has helped re establish not only my love of the books that shaped who I am but my love of the commuinty and people I have met through Harry. The idea of “finding Hogwarts” to me is not finding a place but a feeling. That feeling you get when you turn the first page, weither it is you first time or your 20th, and seeing “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were perfectly normal thank you very much.” The feeling of finally coming home. And watching this film wasnt like watching someones individual journey, it was through them that I saw my self, saw the commuinty of Harry Potter. 7 completly different people bound together by one book. Much like Harry, Ron, Herimone, Ginny, Neville, and Luna where brought together, through the love and hope of something bigger. Something special. –

-themadhatterinthetardis, Tumblr

I watched Finding Hogwarts for the 2nd time tonight and got way too emotional, it’s such a beautiful documentary, and even though I’ve not been quite as involved in the fandom as I know a lot of people have been (I only really discovered Wrock this year, and I haven’t yet been to any cons or meetups), it made me so proud to be part of such an amazing community that is so diverse and full of inspirational people, who have created so many amazing things.. –

-houseelvesandhippogriffs, Tumblr

I’m watching Finding Hogwarts and I started crying six minutes into it. Now that I’m an hour and 17 minutes in, I’ve cried several times since. –

-searchfornargles, Tumblr

“Finding Hogwarts” is so beautiful… I love it so much and I cried through it and then in the end I spotted Esther Earl… I love the Harry Potter fandom, it’s not only Harry that shaped my life, the fandom too. 🙂 –

-huffledorkable, Tumblr

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