About the film

By the fall of 2007, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final novel in the seven-book blockbuster Harry Potter series, had already sold over 15 million copies. The speculation and theorizing had come to an end. For many of Harry Potter’s fans — those who had followed his story for the better part of a decade — it was time to stop wondering about what would happen to Harry and his friends and start thinking about what the future held for them. Two such fans – a pair of aspiring filmmakers who had met and become best friends through Harry Potter – sat together wondering about the answers to these questions on the last day of what, then, felt like would be the last large Harry Potter fan gathering.

What were they going to do after Harry Potter? How could they let go of something that had made such an impact on their lives? What did letting go even mean? What was it about Harry Potter that made them feel so passionate? What was it about Harry that had brought them, and so many other people, together like this, in a way unlike anything else that had come before? Was it something they could find in another place, or had Hogwarts made a unique and indelible imprint on their lives?

From all the questions came at least one answer; in order to better understand what it was about Harry Potter that had affected them all so deeply, they decided to try and travel to the place where it had all started: Scotland,the homeland of Hogwarts. They put together a group of Harry Potter fans whose experiences within the fandom were varied and colorful – a writer, a rocker, an activist, an artist, and a podcaster – packed their bags, and took flight overseas to film their journey as they attempted to track down the true location of the castle that had such a hold on their imaginations.

“Finding Hogwarts” is a documentary film about these seven Harry Potter fans and their journey to find Hogwarts, as well as the stories and shared experiences they had as they followed Harry until the very end.

*This film is not affiliated in any with with JK Rowling, Warner Bros, or any other official Harry Potter franchise entity*

Seven Harry Potter Fans made the trip to Great Britain to find Hogwarts. This documentary follows their experiences.

Featured Cast

Breaunna Bishop

Breaunna was 12 years old when she first picked up a Harry Potter book. She is now a 19 year old aspiring film maker who says that the series helped give her the courage to come out of her shell, make friends and seriously pursue film making. Breaunna has always had a passion for filming and editing video, and was one of the first in the early days of to produce web-shorts relating to Potter and the fandom.

Frankie Franco

Frankie is a quirky 25 year old free-lance artist from Southern California who shares his love of Harry Potter through his drawing. The Harry Potter online community is home to thousands of ‘fan artists’ who hone their crafts and compare their visions of their favorite scenes and characters with their art, and Frankie represents them well.

John Noe

Six years ago, John was a 17 year old self prescribed non-reader when he was introduced to Harry Potter. He represents a large percentage of fans that had never really found enjoyment in reading prior to Potter. He is presently very active in the Potter online community as a host and producer of a popular podcast, PotterCast, reaching 10s of thousands of fans each week.

Melissa Anelli

Melissa Anelli has been reporting on the Harry Potter phenomenon since 2001. As the webmistress of The Leaky Cauldron she has written and spoken for Harry Potter fans in media outlets worldwide. She graduated Georgetown University in 2001 and spent several years as a daily news reporter and features writer in New York City. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her ferocious cat, Moochka.

Paul DeGeorge

Paul and his brother Joe formed the band Harry and the Potters in June 2002. Since then, they have released three full-length albums and have toured extensively within the United States. Their enthusiasm and DIY-approach to rock and roll has inspired other Harry Potter fans to create their own songs around the boy wizard. An entire genre, known as Wizard Rock, has emerged in the past few years, and it now boasts nearly 500 bands, all performing songs based on the Harry Potter books.

Rita Gill

Rita is a 19 year old Potter fan with interests in theater, vocal performance, and filmmaking – who splits her time living in India as well as Southern California. Eccentric and energetic with a passion for travel, Rita is most determined to actually find Hogwarts – not deterred in the slightest by it’s mythical status.

Andrew Slack

Andrew is a teacher, social organizer and human rights activist, comedian, actor, and writer. He spent years performing sketch comedy for hundreds of colleges across the US only to stop touring so that he could devote himself full time to the HP Alliance which he co-founded in 2005. He is incredibly grateful and humbled by everyone who has helped the HP Alliance come into existence and continue to work toward putting the magical lessons that we have learned from Harry, Hermione, and Ron into our world.